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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2007|12:42 pm]
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[Current Location |Colorado Springs]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Within Temptation - Angels]

Whelp, I'm stumped. For two reasons.

Someone whom I thought I hated unexpectedly.. doesn't. :/ She finally sent me an email back explaining she wasn't even home. I don't over react so much these days.. but it all looked -really- bad to me.
We get into a fight that I don't even know what I did wrong, but apologized for it anyway. She got mad, ditched me the first night because she was mad. And I email her a couple of times, doesn't respond, I finally just flat out ask if she hates me, doesn't respond, and by that time I'm mentally ready to let go of one of my best friends ever... and she comes back. v.v

I feel like my brain is going to explode. But she did write back, and nicely too. So, I'll give it one more shot. :/ She's such a nice person, just lately she's been so.. strange. v.v

The second thing is.. Yuki! >:O Make me a webpage! ; ; Not a web page.. just like.. make a pretty live journal? I have no idea how to do it! Help me! *begs*

This is what i'm listening to right now. :P Within Temptation is my new favorite band. I like them a bit more than Nightwish, though the new singer those guys got after kicking the deva, sounds a -lot- better. :3

This is what I was working on, but stopped due to recent events. I've been so depressed, I havn't been able to draw anything. :/ But i'll finish this eventually.
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Having a Math Problem.. [Jul. 9th, 2007|02:22 pm]
Alright I'm trying to get my GED. Yeah, okey, I get it I'm a moron. But I'm asking for help none the less.

I'm trying to find the "Least Common Denominator". Easy right? Not the way they're explaining it. They explain it to a certain point, then just assume I should know what to do. Great lesson..

Here's a screen shot. Could someone -please- help me? This is seriously pissing me off. I know it's easier than they're making it out to be.

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net

How the hell does four turn into a 12? Where did that come from?
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Yaoi and it's folly [Jul. 8th, 2007|04:23 pm]
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[mood |anxiousanxious]

Yaoi is a wonderful thing. Pretty boys romancing, loving and eventually bedding with each other in any way imaginable. It's really an addiction in some ways. To be able to express yourself without really being in love - Or being in love.

Ah but it's folly. The communities are so small, in comparison with the rest of the world. As I lay my friend to rest with out last all-out fight, I find myself completely alone. I've no one to role play with, as I was very content with that one person. And where do I go to find others to play yaoi RP?

Certainly not a community. While the people there are absolutely fantastic, and the stories they come up with are nothing short of beautiful, I find the restrictions to be.. suffocating. You must be here, you must do this, you must play these particular characters, you must behave this way.. there is almost no range for me to express myself. Instead I have to find a way around what I have to do, in order to somewhat express what I want to really do.

I'm a character designer. This is what I do. I design characters, and I play them. I've many, many characters. This is just my preference, and only that.

I have nothing, nothing-nothing-nothing, against playing other people's characters. I just wish I could find a place, where I could be with people like myself. People who make their own characters. Fan fiction writers, cartoonists, conceptual artists... Anything, you know?

I may have missed something terribly obvious. I may have not. But the end result is, I want to role play, and I want to use my characters, or use other people's characters the way I want to use them. I won't go blowing up buildings with some unimaginable power. I won't slaughter many or suddenly have everything my way and nobody else's.

But I just want to be.. me. You know? Or someone else. You know what I mean. It's solely a personality thing, I swear.

Well that's about all of it. You can check my art site if you want to see any designs I've come up with since the last time I posted.. oh.. I imagine some years ago at this point. :3

Thank you for reading my stuffy, well written paper. Honestly.. I don't talk like this. I have no idea why I am now.. ugh. /pain
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Sadness [Nov. 9th, 2006|01:35 pm]
[Current Location |Sarutabaruta]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Web of Night - T.M. Revolution]

I started crying last night in front of a ton of compleate strangers. I never felt so embarassed in my life. Okay, yes I have. But you know what I mean. :/
I've been really frustraited that my voice is -still- not normal. Ever since I got sick, it's been cracking, and stopping, and coughing, and worst of all whenever I try to hit a high note, my voice stops to exsist. It's depressing because I can't -sing- anymore. I sound terrible!

But i'm alright now. I mean, everybody is right. It'll get better. I shouldn't worry so much I guess. Just my voice is my nicest aspect about me. I love singing more than I love drawing, you know?

Anyway.. They told me to drink tea. So i'm going to drink a lot of tea. I hope this works. :/

Anywho.. here's the newest addition to my character list. You know I make a million of the bastards. Let's hope this one sticks around like Kaika and Achaia did. :P

His name is Vachel. Please give him your love and support. ^_^ He's new and he's going to try his best to please his master and creator. Being me. :P
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Holy hell in a hand basket WTFOMGSTFULOLOLOLOL..... <-- This is your brain on coffee [Oct. 29th, 2006|07:55 pm]
Hello my few and dear friends! Perhaps I should collect more LJ friends? Who knows.. Too many would be a hassle for someone who lacks any sort of ability to keep in contact with anyone... No, that's a lie. I keep good contacts.. I'm just selective as all hell. Then again my mood would have something to do with it... Anyway! :D

I have declaired! A challange! Pamela, i'm talking to you. You've been slacking and so have I. So in the next few weeks you and I are going to create an entirely new story, a whole new world and a ton of characters! No worries, you know me, I got like 800 of the bastards for backup. Times-a-wastin' little sister!

In other news, my art has improved insanely since I started teaching myself realism. Now now, don't cry everybody! It'll be okay. Those sexy guys you all know and love will keep on comming, they'll just look a little different. I got tired of the same old wide eyed, rediculously proportioned bishounen. And while I still find them attractive, I have so say, I need something a little more.. real. So all i'm doing is incorperating my new found knowladge of realistic bodies and some what normal eyes, into those bishies I keep flying out like cake batter.

-Note to all who are directed here-

Yuki! I swear! I'll finish Kaine for you! Please! Please don't kill me! *cries*

Krystal, where the hell did you go! Your Roy Mustang order is ready! ROY MUSTANG. Come get him! Come on! *waves a picture of a half naked Roy in front of her* >:O I don't like drawing for no good reason woman!

With THAT said, to everyone.. Go read my craptastic story! Thats right, I wrote something! *gasp* I actually had the attention span to sit here and type for god knows how long. The chapters are short, horribly writen, fast paced and they make little sense! :D You know why? Cause I can't write. But that's cool! Cause you know.. I like my story boards anyway. :P

Fanfiction.net, and as always, I am Faloana. Thank you all, and please, if you can't say anything nice, make whatever you are going to say -interesting-? It gets so boring when you hear the same old insults, you know? :P
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And suddenly I feel lazy [Aug. 30th, 2006|02:39 pm]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

Well how long has it been since i've graced LJ with my presence? Oh a while i'd imagine. Back when everyone I knew was a nut case and those who weren't were very angry young boys and girls. Long long time ago..
Since then I have gone out with.. three guys and a girl, they were all nut jobs, just broke up with the last guy, still friends with him, I think. My arts been getting better, cooking has been better, I am now absolutely terrified of relationships with both men and women, I still love video games, I like writing stories, still making a multitude of characters and I sing more on stage.

Aaaah I think that's all of it. I'm too lazy to go into detail, but i'll say this. Booya bitches, I finally got my line art better than that stupid whore! you all remember the lady who bashed me in front of her entire fanbase and got her cronies to come after me? You know, when I stopped drawing for three months because of her? Well I did it. I'm better than her, and I am NOT shoving it in her face. Know why? Because i'm just that awesome. :P Hehe, have a good day guys~

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